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Join the Code of Conduct

"The Code of Conduct is an efficient, cost efficient and transparent solution for presumably unfair trading practices.  It is a voluntary system set up to support the companies of the Agro Food Chain."

How to join?

The code of conduct is open to all companies (irrespective of their size) of the Agro Food Chain, producers of compound feed, farmers, wholesalers, producers and retailers.  It is not open to supply companies nor service companies like logistics companies and producers of packaging.  A top manager, authorised to lawfully commit his entire organisation, has to complete the registration.

Adhesion occurs:

  • for members of BEMEFA, FEVIA and COMEOS: individually
  • for members of Boerenbond, ABS, FWA, UNIZO and UCM: collectively, via the professional association

Rules applicable to SME members of FEVIA, COMEOS, BEMEFA

The identification of all members signing the Code of Conduct will be passed on to the European "Supply Chain Initiative" by their professional association.

These members will be considerend as having joined the European "Supply Chain Initiative" and will benefit from its protection.

The form must be signed by the person lawfully authorised to commit the company.

On this form there is also teh possibility to indicate an internal administrative contact and a contact for the dispute settlement.

For SMEs these functions can be performed by the same person.  Generally, the manager will be in charge of these 3 functions himself/herself.

It is also possible to indicate several people.  The internal administrative person and the contact for dispute settlement can also be the same person.  The choice is yours.

SMEs who have subscribed to the Code of Conduct and the European "Supply Chain Initiative" will be invited to complete a survey (5') each year.

Rules applicable to Large Enterprises (LEs)

We are convinced that all large enterprises would want to benefit from the European "Supply Chain Initiative" and also from the Belgian code of conduct.

We therefore ask the LEs to join the European "Supply Chain Initiative" via the website

When joining the European "Supply Chain Initiative" the responsibles of the Belgian organisations will automatically be notified of your registration.  The Belgian professional associations will add you to the registry of the Belgian Code of Conduct.  You can as well use to the whole system as described above.

A registered company will engage on a number of commitments.  These are:

  • Organising training to make sure the company complies with the recommendations of the Belgian Code of Conduct / European "Supply Chain Initiative".  The concerned members of staff will be trained, not all relevant employees must have had training at the time of registration.
  • Willing to apply the different options for dispute settlement foreseen in the Code of Conduct / European "Supply Chain Initiative".
  • Accepting that threats imply a breach of the Code of Conduct / European "Supply Chain Initiative".
  • Informing business relations of the adhesion to the Code of Conduct / European "Supply Chain Initiative" (or in contracts, company stationary, websites, formal letter, at the company's convenience...)
  • Indicating one or several persons responsible for dispute settlement and as an administrative contact.  These can be one and the same person or different people.
  • Taking part in the annual survey on the application of the Code of Conduct / European "Supply Chain Initiative" (5' survey).
Administrative contact: Each registered company will indicate a contact for all follow-up activities such as monitoring.

Contact for dispute settlement: Each registered company will indicate a contact for handling complaints.  This person should be independent of the commercial negotiations and is responsible for all questions regarding the dispute settlement.


Resignation needs to be communicated by letter or by mail to the responsible of your professional association.