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Why join us?

Seven good reasons!

1. Reputation

By signing you will signal to your customers, your suppliers and other important stakeholders that you are committed to build fair relations throughout the food supply chain.

2. Voluntary

Voluntary actions have often proven speedier and less costly than regulation. As a signatory company you can freely commit to fair commercial relations in your daily business with other actors in the food supply chain.

3. Speed

You do not need to wait several years for legislation to find solutions to unfair commercial practices when you can already access a speedy and operational option by signing the Code of Conduct.

4. Tailored

The Code of Conduct was elaborated by and for the companies in the food and drink supply chain. You will therefore benefit from a system tailored to your needs and specificities.

5. EU-wide scope

The same rules will apply to all signatory companies along the food supply chain and throughout the EU.

6. Transparency

Irrespective of your size, you’ll benefit from a clear process that gives you access to a defined set of dispute resolution options.

7. Support

By signing up you get access to a website offering you all the instruments for easily implement the code of conduct.

The biggest advantage: The dispute settlement procedures

The Code of Conduct is an effective, cost efficient and transparent solution for presumably unfair trading practices.  Discover the dispute settlement procedures here.