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The chain consultation

Since 2009 there is a structural consultation between the different links of the Belgian Agro Food Chain, the so-called Agro Food Chain consultation.  This consultation was set in place upon a voluntary initiative of all links of the chain, recognizing the need to solve problems together on an interprofessional level.

The chain consultation consists of presidents/entrepreneurs of:

  • BEMEFA, for the producers of compound feed
  • the AGROFRONT (Algemeen Boerensyndicaat, Boerenbond and Fédération Wallonne de l'Agriculture), for the farmers
  • FEVIA, for the food processors
  • COMEOS, for the trade
  • UNIZO, for the trade
  • UCM, for the trade

In order to better handle the above mentioned problems, the organisations wish to improve collaboration and foster partnerships among all operators, while preserving contractual freedom.

BEMEFA, AGROFRONT, (BOERENBOND, ABS and FWA), FEVIA, UNIZO, UCM and COMEOS, the partners of the Belgian Agro Food Chain platform, have taken the initiative to write and sign a code of conduct to promote fair relations between suppliers and purchasers. BABM, the Belgilux Association of Branded products Manufacturers, has also signed the code and participates to the concerned working party of the Agro Food Chain.