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Implementation of the code of conduct and its functioning

The code foresees that the 'Governance Committee' monitors the procedures

The Committee consists of representatives of the organisations that have signed the Code of Conduct.

ABS Guy Depraetere
BABM Katrijn Roeland
Boerenbond Pieter Verhelst
BEMEFA Yvan Dejaegher
COMEOS Nathalie De Greve
FEVIA Chris Moris (Secretary)
FWA Alain Masure
Unizo Romain Cools

The powers of the 'Governance Committee'

  • The Committee issues a yearly survey to the adherent companies on training, reporting on dispute resolution options and communication.
  • Based on the results of this survey and the contributions of sector organizations, the Committee writes an annual report in a generic way, without mention of individual names.
  • The Committee decides on any adjustment to the code.
  • The Committee deals with aggregated complaints.