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Consequences of the code of conduct

Consequences for SMEs

Thanks to this declaration of mutual equivalence an adhesion to the Belgian Code of Conduct is sufficient for SME's to join the European "Supply Chain Initiative" as well.  The Industry Associations FEVIA, COMEOS, BEMEFA will ensure that their SME members who join the Belgian Code of Conduct (or have already joined) are added to the list of companies who have joined the European "Supply Chain Initiative".

SMEs will be able to benefit automatically from the possibilities of dispute settlement in national as well as international trade relationships.

Consequences for Large Enterprises (LEs)

We ask large enterprises who have already joined the Belgian Code of Conduct to subscribe to the "European Supply Chain Initiative".

Large enterprises who have joined the European Supply Chain Initiative will automatically join the Belgian code of conduct.  There will be an electronic link between the website of the "European Supply Chain Initiative" and the Belgian code of conduct.

Check out the rules of adhesion further on.

Check out the dispute settlement procedures further on: individual as well as aggregated disputes can be treated, Belgian as well as cross-border disputes are dealt with.

Who can benefit from the system?

  • SMEs and LEs - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Large Enterprises.
  • All companies i.e. LEs and SMEs who have joined either individually (this applies to all members of BEMEFA, FEVIA and COMEOS) as well as collectively via the professional association of which the company is member (this applies to the members of Boerenbond, ABS, FWA, Unizo and UCM).